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Succession’s Jeremy Strong Teases the Roy Siblings’ Final Season Team-Up: It’s ‘a Bit of a Middle Finger to Dad’

Kendall, Roman and Shiv Roy were dealt a serious blow at the end of Succession‘s last season — but they’re not giving up on each other just yet. HBO’s Emmy-winning drama returns for its fourth and final season this Sunday (9/8c), and the Roy siblings are still nursing their wounds after their failed attempt to wrest control of Waystar Royco from their domineering father Logan. (In the Season 3 finale, Logan cut them out of the deal to sell Waystar to Lukas Matsson and GoJo, with an assist from Shiv’s husband Tom.) But one silver lining to their epic crash and burn: Kendall, Roman and Shiv are more on the same page than they’ve ever been. In past seasons, “there’ve been these moments” between the Roy siblings “that have been connective amidst all the discord and disharmony,” star Jeremy Strong, who plays Kendall, tells TVLine in the video above. “But no, we’ve certainly never formed an alliance like this,” he concedes, adding: “I think Kendall needs them now.” He recalls the moment in the Season 3 finale when a teary Kendall confessed his involvement in the caterer’s death to Roman and Shiv: “There’s this feeling of: He’s not gonna be able to come back from that place, and they help him, and they carry him and support him.” Now in Season 4, “Kendall has kind of rehabilitated himself,” Strong hints. “He’s popping sunflower seeds in his mouth and driving his Porsche Taycan around Mulholland and feeling pretty good.” He and Roman and Shiv are teaming up to launch a new business venture dubbed The Hundred, and spirits are high: “They’ve got big plans, and I think he feels energized by all of it. They’re doing something independent that is also, you know, a bit of a middle finger to Dad… This alliance feels good right now.” Are you hoping to see Kendall finally get out of Logan’s shadow in the final season? Drop your hopes and predictions in a comment below.     

Succession’s Jeremy Strong Teases the Roy Siblings’ Final Season Team-Up: It’s ‘a Bit of a Middle Finger to Dad’

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